Not business as usual


In today’s changing marketplace, executive leadership in small and large companies alike, are facing challenges to both internal and external demands. Strategy Driver, Inc. leads executives through the complexity of their organizational and marketplace labyrinth to a clear path forward. For both emerging and established businesses, we steer firms through the development, refinement, and implementation of their vision. Strategy Driver brings diverse stakeholders together to cultivate common ground while driving results.


Strategy Driver raises the bar by offering insightful guidance and direction to transform leadership. Whether you are preparing for ownership transition, internal reorganization, integrating merger / acquisitions or “growing” your own team, our consultants can partner with you to meet your business goals.  Our dynamic approach will inform your direction in business expansion, leadership development, market positioning and client service optimization. We drive your business beyond “the plan,” positioning your leadership team to deliver results.


Examples of where we have driven success:


Increased Profit: Expanded business for three consecutive years with the highest operating margins and revenues in the 40 year history of a $40M private firm, while guiding the firm through the world’s worst recession. Accomplished a new and resilient framework that facilitated leadership training, reorganization, strategic plan development and execution, and accountability standards.


Promoted Leadership Development: Identified professional barriers to growth providing executive coaching to emerging and established leadership resulting in achievement of rewarding personal and professional performance goals.

Decreased Employee Turnover: Instituted management training through leadership coaching and definition of clear roles, expectations, and responsibilities, resulting in the lowest turnover rate in a company’s largest profit center representing 50% of the private firm’s revenue.

Exceeded Contract Acquisitions: Repositioned firm in the marketplace through development and implementation of dynamic strategic plans that raised the firm’s profile and improved their “win” success rate, resulting in 144% sales goals in the midst of California’s worst recession.

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